Wednesday, December 8, 2021

ECON 75 and voices past

 I can't find a course listing for it, but apparently ECON 75 is on the books at the University of California, Berkeley. I have led and been a grad student instructor for DEMOG/ECON C175: Economic Demography several times over the past two decades, and ECON 75 must have been the lower-division version of it.

Ronald Lee, who led C175 and the Ph.D.-level version C275A for many years, weighs in about ECON 75:

I  think this is a really old course that maybe was taught at one time by Carlo Cipolla (economic historian who wrote a great little book called "Economic history of world population" or something close to that) and maybe even Al Fishlow. But I might be making that up. Certainly I never taught it. 

Carlo Cipolla (1922-2000) is described on a Wikipedia page and also here in a UC Berkeley remembrance.

Al Fishlow is still with us, emeritus at Berkeley and with this Wikipedia page.